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30 Baby Girl Names from the 1960s That You're Going to Love

A lot of baby girl names from the 1960s are familiar to us but there are a lot new parents haven't considered recently that I think deserve to make a comeback. I found lots of classic, vintage, retro, pretty and unique baby girl names that would be perfect for a little girl in 2021. I put together a list of 30 baby girl names that are worth considering. Any of these stand out to you? My favorites are Angela, Diana, Dawn, Penny, Charlene, and Loretta but I think they'd all be super cute for a little girl today. 

30 Baby Girl Names from the 1960s | Strawberry Jam Kids | Vintage Baby Names


  1. Lisa
  2. Kimberly
  3. Michelle
  4. Sandra
  5. Elizabeth
  6. Julie
  7. Angela
  8. Teresa
  9. Robin
  10. Diane
  11. Dawn
  12. Rebecca
  13. Margaret
  14. Sheila
  15. Renee
  16. Annette
  17. Dana
  18. Darlene
  19. Sherri
  20. Penny
  21. Shelly
  22. Stacy
  23. Dorothy
  24. Deanna
  25. Alice
  26. Charlene
  27. Sally
  28. Jeanne
  29. Lorraine
  30. Loretta


We'd love to hear what you think about these baby girl names from the 1960s. 


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