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A Merry Kitschy Christmas - Now Available

Transport back to the fifties and sixties with our Merry Kitschy Christmas Collection. Dress your little girl in our sweet retro Red Velvet Dress for the perfect nostalgic holiday look. Pair it with simple white tights and black mary janes for the perfect classic look. This sweet vintage style dress is made from the most buttery soft velvet, they'll wear this dress with no complaints.


Girl in red velvet dress by vintage car


Girl in red velvet dress by vintage car



Girl in red velvet Christmas Dress
  Girl in Red velvet dress
Looking for something more casual and comfortable? Try our pink plaid peter pan collar dress, a hit from last year!
Girls in pink Christmas dresses
And finally, we have the cutest kitschy Christmas tees. Pick your favorite tees to be festive all holiday season! 
Girl in Pink Santa T-Shirt
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