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Quick Care and Laundry Tips for your new Strawberry Jam Kids Clothes

When you get your new Strawberry Jam Kids garments you might be wondering how to take care of it so it will last long and look as good as new. We have some laundry tips to help you keeping your little one's new special dresses or outfits looking fresh and new. 

Care and Laundry Tips for your Kids Clothes

First things first, when you receive your Strawberry Jam Kids clothes you might notice creases or wrinkles from the garment being folded. We have a few tips for getting these unsightly creases out before your little one wears their garment. This is especially important if you plan on taking pictures of your little one in the outfit. 

Here are a few ways to safely get the creases and wrinkles out: 

  • If you have a steamer, this is the best way. You can get an inexpensive portable steamer online. These are really a staple tool for getting wrinkles out of clothes. 
  • If you don't have a steamer, you could keep the clothes hung in the bathroom when you take a hot shower. The steam will help release the wrinkles. 
  • Iron the garment carefully. While most of our items are cotton, if you're not careful, it can be very easy to make a mistake with an iron. Use caution, don't let the iron sit in one place and don't go over buttons. 

Secondly, how to wash and care for the clothes. One of the best things about our designs is that many pieces work across many seasons and with our generous sizing, many girls find they can wear their dresses as tunics or tops as they continue to grow. In order to keep your pieces looking new and prevent fading try these tips. 

  • Wash the clothes on cool or warm water and only use the express cycle. (Did you know these are the best setting for getting clothes clean and preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes)
  • Use a natural laundry detergent without harsh chemicals or dyes. We would highly suggest using this detergent from the Laundress which also helps preserve dark and bright colors. 
  • If you get stains or spots, treat them before washing. Pick your tried and true method, or get stain removing tips from this amazing resource: Laundry Love: Finding Joy in a Common Chore
  • Dry your Strawberry Jam Kids clothes on a tumble dry low for best results. Since many of our pieces are cotton, there is risk for shrinking, especially when hot water and high heat are used for drying. To avoid this, lower your temperatures.
  • Use dryer balls and not dryer sheets. Did you know dryer sheets leave a film on your clothes. Use wool dryer balls for the softest clothes out of the dryer you'll ever get. 


We hope these tips have helped you with your Strawberry Jam Kids clothes as well as their whole wardrobe. If you have a little one with a bold personality and style, check out our vintage-inspired kids clothing line

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